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About Me
Forget the GFE, Experience the LCE... Sassy. Intelligent. Slim and stacked. Outspoken. Exceptionally Well-educated. Poised but with a wit and charm gleaned from the streets of NYC....

I am Lil Cowgirl Elle - or LCE as I'm fondly referred to.

I am driven by that which is mental. I am pushed by the challenge of sexual mastery.

A gentleman in my company is treated as a King should be. It is the attention to detail that matters most. And a Lady in my company is treated to the spoilage a Lady should be...I do certainly like my ladies *winks*.

Unlike any other, I offer distinct encounters ranging from my all inclusive courtesan encounters, to my all inclusive incall experiences and my unique Porn Star Experience massage *winks*.

A little bit porn star, a little bit intimate girlfriend, a little bit New York attitude, a little bit gentle under the confident exterior...

I am not adverse to bodily fluids: on my body, breasts, face, hair, mouth and the like. I do not believe in the notion of ‘extras’ and as such, you will find my encounters to be exquisitely well-rounded, with a flow and taste all of their own – I am the eighth deadly sin no doubt. I offer quite a reowlicious time with my Lil Cowgirl Playmates so should you desire to be shagged around the block and back, let's see what you're made of! My Playmates can be found at Elle

My Statistics
Age: 27
Nationality: American
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Coffee
Skin Colour: Olive
Height cm: 172/ ft: 5'7.5"
Dress Size: 7
Bust Size: 32F
Breast Type: Enhanced

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Reviews of Lil Cowgirl Elle

by anuddafatguy (Comments: 0, Reviews: 2)

2013-03-05, 14:56, Post Date
Meeting date



90 min









The blow-by-blow details of sessions with Elle have been reviewed to death. But for me, this was an amazing session because ... she read me and my body, and stopped giving those famous cowgirl sessions because my body had responded better to her oral.

I never said a word - she just stopped, said I seemed to be more of an oral guy, and started giving me a magnificent BJ.

I have never clicked with a lady like that. Ever. And I think that one particular moment truly defined my time with Elle - it was 100% about making me happy. She got to know me, she got me to completely lower any inhibition I had, and she was able read me like a book - and maximise my pleasure. And more importantly, she succeeded.

For those of you that have not experienced her excellent oral skills, they are not quite GFE, not quite PSE, and definitely not FBE. They are truly random, but wonderful. I was never able to get into a rhythm with her, because I was too excited about what I was receiving and what could be next.

The most delicate tongue stroke of my shaft, so delicate her breathing was applying more force on my cock than her tongue, then
DT with gagging, then
some harmonica action, then
traditional up and down head motion, then
loud spit and fingernails (but not too deep), then
well, there were about 50 more variations
And the duration of each was random. Well to me it was ...

She got me on the edge too many times to count, and held me there but would not let me cum. I am sure you have had that feeling of pain/pleasure/anger/anticipation when the lady takes you to the very edge of orgasm and then does not let you go further? Elle held me there longer than I have ever been held before. Finally, she let me release. The intensity? Well, let's just say there is a stain on the ceiling. I am writing this about 3 hours after our session, and I am still twitching.

I mentioned this to her, and she said ... well, she said it was intentional. See my comment above about reading my body and responding to my actions.

By the way, the New York twang was in full swing today - it just added to the event. There were some other little things that made it a little bit more special - like she did not tie up her hair. Long hair during sex gets everywhere, and she just seemed to make it so the tips of her hair were on my thigh (extra sensation). She also teased my be moving that beautiful bum closer to me and further from me (sometimes within reach, sometimes not)

Highly recommended.
With tongue
Without condom
Yes, swallow
Multiple times allowed
Real picture